PsyPology™ debuts as first subscription psychology intel newsletter for political operatives.

The latest psychology intelligence, packaged for political consultants and operatives. Subscribe today.

Brian Franklin of Impact Politics to aggregate and analyze studies for potential campaign and political advertising applications.

(Weston, FL) PsyPology will provide in-depth analysis of 3 to 4 studies every other month, with additional smaller “quick hit” analysis of another 4 studies and research.  Each of the studies reported in PsyPology have been chosen because their results could possibly inform the practices of political consultants, advocacy campaigns, staff, media buyers, or the candidates themselves.

Political consultant Brian Franklin, PsyPology’s Founder and Editor and President of the consulting firm Impact Politics, will personally provide analysis of the studies.

“Our ability to understand and predict the psychology of our audience members – whether those are voters, donors, voters, volunteers, or detractors – is key to having an edge as a political operative,” said Franklin.  “PsyPology exists to provide the kind of intel that will give our subscribers new ideas, new tactics, and a more significant underpinning of science to justify their decisions,” he added.

“There is a huge body of work in the fields of consumer psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience that has obvious relevance to campaigns, and hasn’t yet been adequately discussed or disseminated.  PsyPology subscribers will be guided through the potential implications of this work and the possible applications to candidate and advocacy campaigns,” Franklin says.

The debut April/May issue discusses the role of temperature in consumer decisions and persuasion, timing of disclosures, promotion vs. prevention fundraising appeals, the “psychological immune response”, and more.

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About Impact Politics, publisher of PsyPology

Impact Politics is an award-winning political consulting firm that specializes in writing, strategy and new media for national, state, and federal candidate campaigns, ballot initiatives, and advocacy organizations. Founded by Brian Franklin, a Board Member of the American Association of Political Consultants and co-chair of its Technology Committee, the firm has won numerous Pollie and Reed awards, from Best Overall Internet Campaign and Best Online Targeting to Best Online Advertisements and Best Use of Humor in Online Ads. The firm is based in Weston, FL. More information can be found at