Impact Politics, LLC formed in January, 2007 by Brian Franklin, a marketing strategist, writer, and creative director with extensive experience in the technology and non-profit segments.

We’ve served a multitude of roles for campaigns across the nation, and even internationally. For some of our clients, we serve as general/communications consultants – guiding messaging strategy and implementation across every outreach medium. Where there are already established teams, we’re often brought in to serve a designated hitter role – providing new media strategy, online advertising creative and online media buying. For others, Impact is brought in to help formulate rapid response strategy, talking points, scripts, debate preparation, and other writing services.

Since its inception, Impact Politics has been tapped to consult on and/or provide creative for congressional campaigns, gubanatorial campaigns, statewide ballot measures, large national and international online advocacy programs, state senate and state house campaigns, and county commission campaigns.

Along the way, we’ve won a number of awards for the effectiveness of our campaigns, including four awards for Best Overall Internet Campaign, awards for Best Overall Use of Negative Contrast, Best Use of Facebook Advertising, Best Use of Email Fundraising, Best Online Ads, Best Search Engine Marketing, and a number of awards for advertising for candidates and public affairs campaigns.  Recently, the firm was named as finalists for Reed Awards in Best Bare-knuckle Street Fight Victory, Most Daring and Successful Tactic, and won for Best Online Targeting.

With so much competition for voters’ attention, and so many battles won or lost by less than a few thousand votes, nothing can be taken for granted. Proactive, creative, and disciplined campaigns will have a natural advantage.

2018 campaigns and beyond face difficult questions when it comes to the use of technology in their campaigns.

How will campaigns use the Internet to its maximum potential? How will they use the tremendous amount of data coming back to them to inform their campaign plan? How much should technology inform the campaign in general? How much should the campaign engage and budget for online for persuasion and GOTV?

Our work helps to answer these questions – and provide clear direction to campaigns looking to grab every advantage without being dragged down by overly complex solutions and well-meaning, if unproven technologies.

Impact Politics takes an extremely proactive approach to communications strategy. Whether we’re addressing your entire outreach, from fundraising to the stump, or simply producing an element of it, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget. Working together with your team, you may or may not be outspent, but you won’t be out-thought.