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Impact Politics ® is an award-winning political consulting firm for candidate and initiative campaigns, parties, advocacy organizations, and non-profits. We create and implement focused marketing strategies that are cost-efficient, memorable, and most importantly – drive voters and donors into action. Increasingly, we manage all of the online aspects of a political or advocacy campaign – from online fundraising and email, to online advertising strategy, production, and creative.

Impact Politics oversees your campaign’s content, messaging strategy, and all online communications/advertising.

PsyPology™ debuts as first subscription psychology intel newsletter for political operatives.

(Weston, FL) - Impact Politics has announced the debut of PsyPology™, the first subscription online newsletter that examines consumer psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience studies and analyzes them for their potential applications and relevance to campaigns and political/advocacy advertising.

Digital Advertising Had Significant Impact on Medical Marijuana Vote in Florida

(Washington, DC) Online video and banner ads had a significant impact on the Florida medical marijuana race, according to a post-election survey of 800 voters conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research on behalf of United for Care, which was advocating for Amendment 2. The survey revealed that those who saw Internet advertisements voted for Florida’s Amendment 2 at a rate of 65%, while those that did not, voted only at a rate of 53%. The 12% difference was not simply a function of targeting – for example – people who reported seeing Internet ads voted for Democrat Charlie Crist at a rate of 42% while those that said they did not voted for Crist at a rate of 40%.

Five Reasons To Start Your Online Campaign As Soon As Possible

Most campaigns want to build their email list and Facebook followers, bring in new donors, and/or simply raise the profile of their candidate or cause. In order to avoid the "online advertising consultant surprisingly advocates more online advertising" motif, let's bypass that and assume for the moment that you've already decided to invest a fixed amount online to achieve your goals. This article focuses on the timing of your online campaign. While it may be tempting to hold off and show more cash on hand, waiting until later may actually cost you a significant amount of money later in the campaign and significantly hamper your results.